Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise (Agile Software Development Series). Dean Leffingwell

Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise (Agile Software Development Series)

ISBN: 9780321635846 | 559 pages | 14 Mb

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  • Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise (Agile Software Development Series)
  • Dean Leffingwell
  • Page: 559
  • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi
  • ISBN: 9780321635846
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
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Ebook magazines downloads Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise (Agile Software Development Series) by Dean Leffingwell 9780321635846 MOBI FB2 PDB (English literature)

<p> <b>Review</b></p> <p> <B> <p>Praise for <I>Agile Software Requirements</I></P> <p></B>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;In my opinion, there is no book out there that more artfully addresses the specific needs of agile teams, programs, and portfolios all in one. I believe this book is an organizational necessity for any enterprise.&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Sarah Edrie, Director of Quality Engineering, Harvard Business School</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;<I>Agile Software Requirements </I>and Mr. Leffingwell&#x2019;s teachings have been very influential and inspiring to our organization. They have allowed us to make critical cultural changes to the way we approach software development by following the framework he&#x2019;s outlined here. It has been an extraordinary experience.&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Chris Chapman, Software Development Manager, Discount Tire</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;This book supplies empirical wisdom connected with strong and very well-structured theory of succeeding with software projects of different scales. People new to agile, practitioners, or accomplished agilists&#x2013;we all were waiting for such a book.&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Oleksandr (Alex) Yakyma, Agile Consultant,</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;This book presents practical and proven agile approaches for managing software requirements for a team, collaborating teams of teams, and all across the enterprise. However, this is not only a great book on agile requirements engineering; rather, Leffingwell describes the bigger picture of how the enterprise can achieve the benefits of business agility by implementing lean product development flow. His &#x2018;Big Picture&#x2019; of agile requirements is an excellent reference for any organization pursuing an intrinsically lean software development operational mode. Best of all, we&#x2019;ve applied many of these principles and practices at Nokia (and even helped create some of them), and therefore we know they work.</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Juha-Markus Aalto, Agile Change Program Manager, Nokia Corporation</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;This pragmatic, easy-to-understand, yet thought-provoking book provides a hands-on guide to addressing a key problem that enterprises face: How to make requirements practices work effectively in large-scale agile environments. Dean Leffingwell&#x2019;s focus on lean principles is refreshing and much needed!&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Per Kroll, author, and Chief Architect for Measured Improvements, IBM</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;Agile programming is a fluid development environment. This book serves as a good starting point for learning.&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Brad Jackson, SAS Institute Inc.</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;Dean Leffingwell captures the essence of agile in its entirety, all the way from the discrete user story in the &#x2018;trenches&#x2019; to complex software portfolios at the enterprise level. The narrative balances software engineering theory with pragmatic implementation aspects in an easy-to-understand manner. It is a book that demands to be read in a single sitting.&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Israel Gat,, @Agile_exec on Twitter</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;An incredibly complete, clear, concise, and pragmatic reference for agile software development. Much more than mere guidelines for creating requirements, building teams, and managing projects, this reference work belongs on the bookshelf of anyone and everyone involved with not only agile processes but software development in general.&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>R.L. Bogetti, Lead System Designer, Baxter Healthcare</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;This book covers software requirements from the team level to program and portfolio levels, including the architecture management and a consistent framework for the whole enterprise. We have practiced the multi-team release planning and the enterprise-level architecture work with kanban and achieved instant success in our organization. Combining the principles of the product development flow with the current large-scale agile and lean software development is a really novel concept. Well worth reading and trying out the ideas here.&#x201D; </P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Santeri Kangas, Chief Software Architect, and Gabor Gunyho, Lean Change Agent, F-Secure Corp.</I></P> <p>&#xA0;</P> <p>&#x201C;Dean Leffingwell and his Agile Release Train (ART) concept guides us from teamlevel agile to enterprise-level agile. The ART concept is a very powerful tool in planning and managing large software programs and helps to identify and solve potential organizational roadblocks&#x2013;early.&#x201D;</P> <p>&#x2013;<I>Markku Lukkarinen, Head of Programs, Nokia Siemens Networks</I></P></p> <p> <b>About the Author</b></p> <p><B>Dean Leffingwell,</B>&#xA0;a thirty-year software industry veteran, has spent his career helping software teams achieve their goals. A renowned methodologist, author, coach, entrepreneur, and executive, he founded Requisite, Inc., makers of RequisitePro, and served as its CEO. As vice president at Rational Software (now part of IBM), he led the commercialization of the Rational Unified Process. As an independent consultant and as an advisor to Rally Software, he has helped entrepreneurial teams and large, distributed, multinational corporations implement Agile methods at scale. He is the author of <I>Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises</I> (Addison-Wesley, 2007) and is the lead author of <I>Managing Software Requirements, Second Edition</I> (Addison-Wesley, 2003), which has been translated into five languages.</P></p>

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